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Balancing the Scorecard

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Course Synopsis

During the 21st century, successful management will depend on organisations and top executives balancing quality and customer satisfaction with adequate financing and long-range goals. Today’s organisations must deal with government oversight, aging baby boomers, new technologies, and increasing competitive prices. The balanced scorecard is a measurement-based management system, enabling organisations to deploy a strategic plan, set performance targets, and measure performance over time to accomplish their mission and meet regulatory requirements. This workshop explains how the Balanced Scorecard differs from other management strategies and the application of this strategy in small and large business organisations.

Typical Course Outline

    History of “Balanced Score Cards”

  • The Balanced Scorecard Framework and Strategy Maps
  • Purpose, Value and Applications of BSC
  • Organisational Values, Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives
  • The Four Perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard
  • Strategic Objectives, Performance Objectives, Targets & Measures, Initiatives and Budget
  • Alignment and Communication using Strategy Maps
  • Assessing Organisation Readiness
  • Cascading the BSC Down the Organisation
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and System Improvement

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