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Bid and Tendering Management Leading to Contract

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Course Synopsis

To manage the bidding, drafting and negotiation of contracts, whether gaining business from clients or setting the terms by which suppliers will manage their business with you. A clear understanding of best practice will enable businesses to minimise the risks of inefficient and poor commercial relationships.
This programme explores ways to conduct the procurement and sales business process to your advantage.

Typical Course Outline


  • The Importance of specifications
  • The use and involvement of experts: roles and responsibilities
  • The role of procurement

Selection of tender and pre-qualification

  • Tender evaluation
  • Post-tender negotiations
  • Contract award and culture fit
  • EU procurement differences


  • Deciding to bid
  • Analysing the tender specification
  • Managing the bid
  • Talking to the client, understanding your potential client
  • Understanding the work required
  • Developing and writing the bid

Project resources and pricing

  • Stating your price
  • Producing and submitting the bid
  • Presentations
  • Negotiations and knowing your end-point
  • Due diligence of potential client
  • Post audit


  • Drafting good contracts
  • Contract Law
  • Which contracts to put effort into

Negotiation outcomes: techniques for success

  • Developing and maintaining effective business relationships
  • The cultural framework
  • Time and communications
  • The special case for outsourcing

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