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Conference and Event Management

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Course Synopsis

Whether it is a national conference, a specialist training session, a public meeting, or a local fundraiser, events are the public face of your organisation. This workshop offers a practical guide, and you will leave with a toolkit that will help you organise future activities with confidence and flair.
The course looks at the power of events to build your organisation and promote its aims. You will explore the planning process, going step by step through the different elements, and along the way creating an effective timeline. You will look at how to get people to attend the event and how to manage the delegate process. You will look at finding the best venues, facilities, catering and treats. You will also learn how to evaluate your event, so that each time you are able to build on your success.

Typical Course Outline

  • Introduction to Event and Conference Management
  • Venue Selection
  • Rate and Service Negotiation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Set-up and Registration
  • Event Management
  • Legal Liability and Insurance Issues
  • Event Evaluation

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