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Corporate Debt Management Strategies

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Course Synopsis

In this ever changing business environment, businesses grow through borrowing and re-financing. This is a simple economic theory of growth using credit facilities. This can be referred to us as off Banking Financing. This workshop will examine the following areas:

Typical Course Outline

  • Debt Management Defined
  • Sources and Deployment of Finance
  • Cash Purchase v/s Leasing v/s Renting v/s Hire Purchase
  • Reading the contract and the small print
  • Benefits v/s Drawbacks of Indebtedness
  • 50 ways of getting into debts
  • 50 ways of getting out of debts
  • Creditors’ Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)
  • Dealing with bailiffs
  • Managing upwards and downwards trends of business
  • Dealing with business success and failures

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