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Corporate Governance

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Course Synopsis

Over recent years, a series of corporate scandals such as at Enron and WorldCom in the US and Barings Bank, BCCI and Polypeck PLC in the UK, have raised major concerns about the ways in which companies are governed, managed and controlled. This course will help delegates to understand the reasons why it is necessary for there to be provisions for corporate governance and enable them to identify the Key requirements of corporate governance in relation to the Combined Code in the United Kingdom.

Typical Course Outline

    What is Corporate Governance?

  • Why is Corporate Governance necessary?
  • The System of Corporate Governance in the UK
  • Contemporary Comparison- Developing and Advanced Economies
  • Anti-Corruption Practices
  • Corporate Governance with transparencies and accountability
  • Consequences of the Combined Code & the Turnbull Report
  • The issue of Assurance
  • Board Effectiveness
  • Provisions in the Code
  • The ICSA’s Guidance Note
  • The Role of Chairman and CEO
  • Balance and Independence
  • The Roles of non-Executive Directors
  • Appointments
  • Director’s Remuneration
  • Financial Reporting
  • Internal Controls
  • Auditing
  • The Audit Committee
  • Terms & Responsibilities
  • The Smith Guidance
  • Relations with Shareholders
  • Required Disclosures

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