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Short Courses and Professional Development Programmes

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Short Courses and Professional Development Programmes

The only constant in life is change. Modern life is continually changing. Economic, technological, social and environmental factors compel organisations to look for ways of increasing productivity, improving quality, maximising profit and finding new opportunities in diversified economies.

Our unique, creative and inspiring short courses and professional development programmes are designed for individual learners as well as employers seeking staff development opportunities.

The programmes are based on practical orientation in line with our philosophy of Knowledge, Skills and Practice …

Our Programmes

  • Strategic Personal Development
  • Strategic Financial Analysis
  • Management and Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship and Management
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Business Communication
  • Strategic Marketing and Sales Management
  • Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Risk Management
  • Oil and Gas Management
  • Information Technology
  • Government and Allied Programmes
  • SMEs Development Programmes
  • Skills for Africa
  • Advanced Teaching and Education Leadership

Benefits of our Courses

  • Studying at your own time and at your own pace, so you can combine achieving a qualification with work or family commitments at any locations across the globe and times convenient to you;
  • Helping participants explore career options and develop academic and workplace skills to compete with global demands;
  • Preparing participants for post-secondary education and employment;
  • Training of competent professionals in various fields of economic and public sector management;
  • Developing highly educated and specialised personnel to champion development in many sectors of the economy.

Benefits to Individuals

  • Personal and professional development;
  • Enhancement of Performance;
  • Increase in Pay;
  • Increase in authority and responsibility in the workplace;
  • Acquire different management techniques (planning, organising, communicating, control and decision making) relevant to senior management level.

Benefits to Employers

  • Consistent training programme that will increase efficiency and effectiveness for all staff;
  • Blends in with other company training programmes;
  • Easily implemented across multiple sites and international or remote locations;
  • Reinforces company support and commitment to staff training;
  • Flexible and on-demand allowing organisations to fit employee training programmes around work;
  • Wide range of topics suitable for staff at all levels;
  • No disruption in the workflow of the employees as they do not have to take an extended period of time off work to complete their programme.

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