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Enhancing Your Personal Selling Skills

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Course Synopsis

In any business, large or small, the application of quality sales techniques is imperative. Sales generate profits – in turn profits allow for growth. In today’s complex business world, and within virtually all market sectors, customers are presented with a plethora of products and services from which to choose. By showing how to apply key selling concepts and skills and also considering the importance of the customer perspective in developing sales strategy, the course will help you build lasting customer relationships and boost your sales.

Typical Course Outline

  • The value of questions
  • Diamond vs. Bow Tie sales strategy
  • Don’t sell spin
  • Build customer relationships that last
  • Giving real service
  • Real customer satisfaction
  • Basic skills of negotiation
  • Negotiate to win
  • Techniques for effective networking
  • Follow up or fail
  • Clinching the deal
  • Positive thinking techniques that work
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