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Entrepreneurship & Business Plan

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Course Synopsis

Many entrepreneurs undermine the importance of business planning or simply dislike the task. However, a well-constructed business plan can make a huge difference when it comes to raising finance, planning resources and setting up goals and processes for a new business or in expanding the business. Creating a valuable business is about taking strategic decisions that have a lasting effect and a business plan provides the basis to do just this. This course explains the business planning process right from why a business plan is needed to how to write it.

Typical Course Outline

    Do we really need a Business Plan?

  • The general structure of a Business Plan
  • Analysing the Business Plan components
  • Market analysis
  • Stating the business case
  • Isolating key objectives
  • Detailed description of product or service
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing plans
  • How will the business be managed
  • Finance and forecasts
  • The Business Plan as a ‘living’ document
  • How to write a Business Plan

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