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Financial Statement Analysis

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Course Synopsis

Creditors, investors, and governmental and community agencies often require considerable amount of information in order to make judgments about the financial performance of business organisations. It is essential that standardised financial information needed by outside parties is regularly available, so that organisations can produce financial statements at least annually. It has become imperative that all those with management responsibility have some understanding of the composition of financial statements and more importantly, how to interpret them and take informed action. This course will introduce you to theoretical concepts and practical challenges in analysing financial statements to interpret and evaluate accurately a company’s worth. Financial statement analysis enables you to assess the true financial condition and performance can be determined for investment purposes. You will learn how to make informed economic decisions based on financial statements.

Typical Course Outline

  • The world of financial reporting
  • The uses of financial information
  • Accounting concepts and conventions
  • Principal financial statements
  • The balance sheet
  • The profit and loss account
  • The cash flow statement
  • Financial statements and performance measurement
  • Interpretation of accounting
  • Limitations
  • Ratio analysis
  • Detailed case study and analysis
  • Report Writing

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