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Fundamentals of Oil and Gas

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Course Synopsis

Understand the energy value chain from upstream exploration to downstream sales. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the oil and gas industry from upstream exploration and production to downstream refining, sales and marketing.

Programme Objectives

  • Enhance your previous knowledge on oil and gas industry
  • Master the industry’s jargon and terminology and improve your communication with clients and colleagues
  • Develop an understanding of current technical, commercialand operation issues
  • Acquire knowledge on how the industry impacts the societyand the environment
  • Operate and manage in a global

Typical Course Outline

  • Oil Industry Overview – a look back and a look forward
  • Geographical look at oil and gas reserves and the worldwide demand; current trends in the industry
  • The oil and gas Value Chain – upstream, midstream and downstream – and the role each plays

Upstream Operations

  • Exploration and exploitation – finding reserves and producing oil
  • Terminology of the upstream oil and gas business
  • Definition of oil and gas reserves
  • The role of worldwide governments in the distribution of oil and gas supplies
  • Structuring oil and gas operations; partnerships, joint ventures and contract

Midstream Operations

  • Refining Crude Oil
  • Marketing and Selling oil and gas products

Downstream Operations

  • Market and pricing determinants for the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Economics of the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Understand market shifts in the industry

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