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Hospitality Customer Service

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Course Synopsis

To employees it’s a workplace. To patrons, guests, visitors, and diners, it’s everything from a place to rest their heads while making a long trip to a temporary home during a much longed for vacation. While serving the public can be difficult, doing so in the hospitality industry carries its own set of challenges.

This course is designed specifically for those who work in hotels, motels, resorts, clubs, bars, and restaurants. Besides learning how to deliver exceptional customer service, participants will also gain valuable skills for reducing stress while they deal with even the most demanding customers.

Typical Course Outline

  • An introduction to customer service
  • Customer Service benefits on personal and professional level
  • Recognise barriers to its delivery.
  • Customer Satisfaction Levels
  • Bare Facts about Communication Styles
  • Presenting a positive professional image
  • Handling customer complaints
  • Calming Those Who Would Blow the House Down
  • Steps for Successful Stress Reduction
  • Personal action plan to improve customer service skills

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