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Human Resource Management for SMEs

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Course Synopsis

People are a critical success factor – in every business, of any size, in every industry. Successful companies invest in systems and processes designed to ensure that their employees, contractors, and partners are engaged and have the necessary skills and experience to meet business objectives.
Having world-class, highly efficient people processes ensures that your company can find, nurture, and retain the best people and talent to perform its key business processes
This course will familiarise you with different strategies, systems and approaches towards performance management of the staff in your organisation. Ultimately this will lead to a better use of the right people in the right place, working in better functioning organisations.

Typical Course Outline

    HRM function in the organisation

  • Introduction HRM model
  • Role of the HR manager
  • Performance management
  • International HRM
  • Planning of HRM
  • Job Profiles and competencies
  • Communication skills & feedback
  • Selection interview and socialisation
  • Review of staff performance
  • Appraisal of staff performance
  • Motivation
  • Rewarding systems
  • Developing an individual HRM plan
  • Coaching

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