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Masters Degrees (MBA, MSc, MA)

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Masters Degrees (MBA, MSc, MA)


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SKU: Masters Degrees (MBA, MSc, MA)

Masters Degrees (MBA, MSc, MA)

The Master programme (MBA, MSc, MA) provides a rigorous process of personal and managerial development, in which participants are encouraged and expected to make their own unique contribution. The course requires learners to develop and maintain sound working relationships with a diverse group of colleagues and will provide them with opportunities to reflect upon existing behaviour and attitudes in the light of challenging business and management concepts and frameworks.

Course Structure

Core Modules
Strategic Management 10 credits
Finance for Decision Makers 10 credits
Strategic Human Resource Management 10 credits
Strategic Marketing Management 10 credits
Case Study Analysis 10 credits
Individual Practice 10 credits

Further Study Options

  • Upon successful completion of the 8 modules delegates will gain a minimum value of 80 credit points and candidates may apply to any recognised UK universities to complete a negotiated work based learning Master’s degree, applying to use their existing credits towards a practice-based qualification.
  • MBA/MSc/MA by recognised UK University

Entry Requirements

  • A Bachelor’s Degree from any recognised + 2 years in a managerial capacity; OR
  • A HND + 5 years’ work experience in a managerial capacity; OR
  • No formal qualification but with a minimum of 10 years at a managerial capacity.


12-18 months

Optional Modules
Innovation and Entrepreneurship 10 credits
Strategic International Business 10 credits
Project Management 10 credits
Change Management and Organisational Development 10 credits
Managing Information Resource 10 credits
Leadership Management 10 credits
Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 10 credits
Operations Management 10 credits

Possible Award Title

  • MBA (Management)
  • MA/MSc in Leadership and Management
  • MA/MSc in Project Management
  • MA/MSc in Environmental Management
  • MA/MSc in Hospitality Management
  • MA/MSc in Oil and Gas Management
  • MA/MSc in Retail Banking Management
  • MA/MSc in Managing Information Resource
  • MA/MSc in Supply Chain Management
  • MA/MSc in Stock Market Analysis
  • MA/MSc in Political Leadership and Management


  • MBA by recognised UK University= £10500
  • MSc/MA by recognised UK University=£8000

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