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Quality Customer Service

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Course Synopsis

Have you noticed that organisations renowned for good customer service are successful and profitable? This is obviously desirable but how can it be achieved in your organisation? If you look after your customers they will come back. Improving customer service improves the customer relationship and enhances your ability to retain and increase business. By focussing on techniques for real customer service, the course will help you achieve the difference between merely adequate service and truly outstanding, professional service.

Typical Course Outline

    Do you know who your customer really is?

  • Identifying customer needs
  • Satisfying that need
  • Having the right image and attitude
  • Handling difficult customers and situations
  • Answering customer queries and complaints
  • What does it take to give outstanding customer service?
  • Making sure the customer comes back
  • Clinching the deal
  • Positive thinking techniques that work

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