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Strategic Leadership and Management

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Project Management

In today’s dynamic world, finding and developing effective leadership is the biggest challenge of both public and private sectors. Organisations have to provide a dynamic and responsive system with a workforce that can cope with frequent organisational change. To achieve this, they must have leaders who can demonstrate leadership skills and act as role models at all levels. What does it take to become a leader who can truly motivate and inspire? This will surely take time and effort, but nothing gives a leader a greater sense of satisfaction and achievement than having built a strong, willing and committed team.

This course provides practical insights into the differences between effective leadership and management by exploring the concepts of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace and determining how to identify and develop human capital – the lifeblood of every business.

Typical Course Outline

    The role of a leader in the 21st century

  • What is a leader? (Traditional v/s Transformational)
  • The New Dynamic Leadership Management Approach
  • The Leading Square Model (Transformational v/s Servant)
  • Leader versus Manager
  • A look at leadership styles
  • Personal qualities for a leader
  • Problems that leaders face
  • Empowerment
  • Why delegate?
  • Delegation not abdication
  • Delegation and empowerment
  • How to successfully influence and motivate a team

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