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Train the Trainer

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Course Synopsis

In any organisation, the responsibility of training is not confined strictly to a professional trainer. Every manager or supervisor has to function as a trainer to a certain degree. Therefore training skills are not only needed by full time trainers but also by managers and leaders. There is a big difference in giving information and training somebody. This course will highlight the difference by examining the right attitude, techniques and methodologies required by an effective trainer. It will provoke you to assess your personal style as a trainer and help you get acquainted with the right approach and attitude to perform the role of an efficient trainer.

Typical Course Outline

What is training?

The principles of learning

  • The learning pyramid
  • Why people learn?
  • The four learning styles

The excellent trainer

  • Personal attributes of an excellent trainer
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • The skills of an excellent trainer

Before the event

  • Identifying training needs and planning
  • The choice of training methods and techniques
  • Preparation
  • Effective use of audio-visual aids

During the event

  • Audience contact
  • Look and sound like a winner
  • Techniques that help your audience remember
  • Dealing with difficult people and situations
  • After the event

  • Evaluation
  • The trainer’s toolkit
  • The Hays Model

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