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Writing Reports for Senior Executives

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Course Synopsis

Your image is often judged by the quality and accuracy of the written communication tools employed. This would obviously include the standard of letters and reports but also the accuracy and presentation of information held on the website. This course has been designed to help you to discard any bad habits and make all your written communications work for you. You and your organisation will be proud of your productive letters and memos, your emails will be answered promptly and even text messages will be acknowledged. As a result of this course you will write your way to success.

Typical Course Outline

  • Is your writing effective?
  • Knowing your reader/ how to treat strangers
  • Letter writing
  • Communication begins with a ā€œCā€
  • The power of words
  • The mechanics of memos in a paper environment
  • The etiquette of effective emails
  • Who is addressing whom? Picking the pronoun
  • Proposals, reports, analyses
  • Knowing how to start, knowing where to stop
  • The power of visuals
  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation

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