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DAEMON Tools Ultra 5 download free

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Daemon Tools Ultra multilingual

Daemon Tools Ultra provides you with all the features of Daemon Tools Lite, as well as those of Daemon Tools Pro, as well as some additional content. As you already know, Daemon Tools Lite application is a big star in the society due to lack of price and features a set of which, it seems,To cover all basic needs.

Top image tools:

– Install all types of files, including virtual hard disks and much more

– Make oddiskovi virtual images, files and audio tracks

– emulate an unlimitednumber of DT, SCSI, IDE HDD and virtualDisks

– edit, convert, compress, split, protect and record images

Ultra Features:

– Multitasking: Run a more magician at the same time to reduce the time

– Portable mode: Use Daemon Tools Ultra where you want without installation

– command toolsLine: automation and software speed up

– Windows Vista / 7 Gadget: Manage the settings of virtual disks and programs from the desktop

– GameSpace: Zemidopolnitelni information about the images will be mounted. Be aware ofthe latest news from the gaming industry

Virtual Burner:

-MakeReceive a virtual disk and burn image files instead of disks

– Use the virtual disk of the incoming Ultra Tools Daemon or any other application

– Test your own CDs / DVDs in front of them burning optical drives

– In order to minimizeWear on physical devices

Bootable USB Drives:

– Burn images to bootable USB devices with just a few mouse clicks

– Do a quick, reusable, durable and practical uredza OS recovery

– Configuring the operating systemdiskless laptops easilyand fast

– Switching from CDs to USB sticks using Daemon Tools

Drive RAM:

– creating and installing virtual RAM disks using a memory block

– Keep your temporary files in fast memory to get maximum performance

– Forget about fragmentationA hard disk caused by the resumption of temporary files

-Evaluation of the benefits of both volatile and persistent RAM disk

ISCSI and USB sharing:

– Use the updated ISCSI protocol to povrzetena USB devices

– Working with remote VHDs, images, USBand optical disks

– Communication with Daemon Tools ISCSITarget or third-party servers

VHDs and TrueCrypt files:

-Creation, mounting and placement of various types of virtual disks

– Back up data and hold more than one operating system on your computer

– Use TrueCrypt containers to protect the most important data,

-Mount TrueCrypt and VHD files created in other applications

Media virtualization devices:

– Use the quick mount option to mount and use up to 32 diskovisliki Now

– Installation 32 4 SCSIand IDE virtual devices in advanced mode

– Change the device settings ifIt is necessary (device letter, mount point, etc.)

-Setting image settings to set the future image directory

Supported Operating Systems:

– Windows XP – SP3 32-bit / SP2 64-bit

– Windows Vista – 32-bit / 64-bit

– Windows Server 2008-32-bit / 64-bit Windows Server 2008 R2

– Windows 7 to 32 bit /64-bit – Windows 8 32-bit / 64-bit

– Windows 10, 32-bit / 64-bit




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