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My Family Tree 6 Portable download

Cinque Terre


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When the information you need to add a picture of a family member can, in their name, date of birth and death, neophodnogAko, an end gehitu.prozeduraren, can carry up to the tree and share it with friends.

myfamily benefits Tree contains information vizualizaitsii search by time, online support, data can be protected with a password, if you have Windows 7, touch screen, you can use the help, there is a presentation of the dole, wood file can be saved and Edit, you linking research(For example, relatives or acquaintances suNakon relates to some documents), your family moved houop dezakezunola track with the help of Google Earth.

in general, like my family tree, elegant interface is easy to manage the program, feature-rich, do not need the money, it’s just that you have toto install .NET Framevork, and I think there will be problems in the modern system.

How to install:


The issue found, suggestions, or just to say “Hello,” he wrote

. My Family Tree 6 free download

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